We help Web2 developers enter the Web3 market for free

Web3 should have 15x more devs to catch up with Web2 in value created

Web3 developer communities aren’t growing as fast as projects’ market caps.

Why Web3?

The paradigm of the internet is changing and Web3 is still in its early days. Imagine if you were one of the first developers building apps on Swift when Apple just launched the iPhone and entrepreneurs were pouring millions of dollars just to build the first apps.

The future of the internet is built on decentralized technologies. There are enormous remote career opportunities for talented developers. And we’re here to match you with them.

About us

Satoshi School is a Web3 coding school with a talent marketplace. We help Web2 developers enter the Web3 market.

We provide virtual 1 to 6 month Web3 programs and help mid/senior developers to start well-paid careers through our talent marketplace.

Proof-of-skills learning platform

1on1 learning from Web3 professionals

Lifetime NFT membership club

How it works


We assess your tech & soft skills with a live interview and a homework challenge.


If needed, we provide you with Web3 courses and mentorship for free.


Once you reach a specific skill level, you can access our Satoshi Web3 talent marketplace, where we match you with global Web3 opportunities.

For web3 companies and crypto projects

Level up your Web3 engineering dream team

We source, vet, upskill, match, and manage TOP Web3 developers remotely.

For developers

Learn Web3 for free and apply for remote jobs

Learn Web3 and join a network of the world's best Web3 developers & get full-time, long-term remote software jobs with better compensation and career growth.

Data Science for Web3
Data Analytics for Web3
Full-stack Web3 development

Smart Contract Development on:

Tezos blockchain

Course starts on September 2022

Ethereum blockchain


Solana blockchain

Course starts on November 2022

Talent marketplace

Do you have all the Web3 skills already and you want to land a job? Amazing, just leave us your contact details.

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